Ben Simmons Picks Up 1st Trip-Dub, PHI Picks Up 1st Victory

The all-around game of Philly's Ben Simmons is on full display the first couple weeks of 2017-18. After a strong debut, Simmons recorded a triple-double last night 97-86 victory over DET (2-2), just four games into his NBA career.  

The distinction is nice but doesn't tell the true story of Simmons' impact. Brett Brown has a 6'10 PG capable of initiating sets and attacking w/ authority in transition. Even in half court sets, Simmons' vision is impactful:

 • easily lofts passes (over the top) for oops and post feeds - J. Embiid (30 pts, 9 rebs) was the recipient of a few looks from Simmons; PHI's big to big passing is a key weapon, could establish an early flow for Embiid at the outset of games

• cross court decision-making - not as risky since he can see over most defenders; sharp lasers w/ either hand, specifically to corner or elbow shooters

Aside from his vision, Simmons plays w/ pace, can get his own shot at anytime. Though he isn't the smoothest scorer yet, off-hand hooks & floaters highlight a package that isn't to defend. Early on, defenders have sit on Simmons's J - going underneath the screen trying to force him into an outside J. 

Sometimes, Ben will oblige. Most of the time, he gets to the paint & makes a play (short floater or dump off to a teammate).

As he learns how to further exploit NBA defenses, stopping Simmons might not be an option.