LIGHTS • Russell Westbrook Catches Fire In Game 5, Saves OKC's Season




UTA 99 @ OKC 107


Down 71-46 in the third & trailing 3-1 in the series, OKC was on the very brink of elimination last night.

Everything was working for Utah - shots were falling, stops were carried out & no one outside of Russell Westbrook or Paul George could get anything going. 

But once Westbrook decided his season wasn't going to end (at home, no less!), nothing else really mattered.*


*Ok, it wasn't that simple - Rudy Gobert picking up his 4th foul & subbing out (in the 3Q) was a big deal, as well as UTA's inability to create much offense that didn't run thru D. Mitchell


45!, 15! BOARDS & 7 DIMES V. UTA

Russ went 17/39! w/ 5 triples & 6 made FTs.

It was more volume + relentless attacking than a beautifully orchestrated performance but every attempt proved necessary, especially to overcome a 25!-pt. hole in an elimination game. 

OKC's season is saved...for now. Is this series destined for 7?