NBA Cracks Down On Players Listed Heights

Recently, the NBA aka “The Height Police” installed a new rule requiring all teams to submit accurate player heights at the start of training camp. Any player signed during the regular season height information would have to be submitted within a week of signing. The league office says “the integrity of information” is important, as the league wants its fans and business partners to have accurate information available.

The heights are being released and some players are shorter than we thought. Marvin Bagley III previously listed at 6’11, shrunk three inches and is confirmed to be 6’8. Tobias Harris went from 6’9 to 6’7 and Zion Williamson listed at 6’7 while at Duke measured to be 6’6. We have seen one increase so far with Kevin Durant going from 6’9 to 6’10.

Other notable height changes:

  • Derrick Rose - 6’3 to 6’1

  • Draymond Green - 6’7 to 6’5

  • Kemba Walker - 6’1 to 5’11

  • Dwight Howard - 6’11 to 6’9

  • Ben Simmons - 6’10 to 6’9.5

  • Harrison Barnes - 6’8 to 6’6