Eric Bledsoe to Bucks!

Eric Bledsoe is finally out of Phoenix.

In a move first reported by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, PHX will send E. Bledsoe to MIL in exchange for Greg Monroe & a future first & second-round pick.

Surprising blockbuster for MIL - without giving up much, the Bucks now have another formidable scorer (and defender when galvanized) to pair alongside G. Antetokounmpo & K. Middleton.

And though they lost G. Monroe, it frees up PT for players like DJ Wilson & moves either a playmaker (M. Brogdon) or shooter (T. Snell) to the second unit.

For PHX, the move nets a future first-rounder to aid its rebuild - plus, Monroe's an expiring contract, will provide points & boards (in the meantime) whenever necessary.

E. Bledsoe got his wish - is MIL (now) a true contender?