Game Notes • "Streaking C's" - LAL @ BOS (11/8)


11/8 v. LAL • W, 107-96

BOS (10-2)

Clockwise: Irving-Tatum-Brown-Smart-Baynes-Morris



--Kyrie Irving • aggressive early - six quick 1Q points; LIGHT: rock up, scramble finish (mid-1Q); passing well, hitting bigs for dump off feeds in paint; easy drive & finish (early 2Q); 12 pts (1H); LIGHT: NASTY rock up & dish to A. Baynes +1 (early 3Q); boarding in traffic (3Q); started 5/8, 0/8 stretch after; turned it on during final stanzaLIGHT: size up spin J! (4Q)

LINE: 19 (7/21 shooting), 6 boards & 5 dimes


--Jaylen Brown • getting his own opps driving rim; shot not falling but forcing the issue (in a good way), creating put back chances & free throws; crashing glass all night long - making point to finish off possessions

LINE: 9 (3/11 shooting), 11 boards, 2 dimes


--Jayson Tatum fouled on triple (early 2Q); rip up, finish (mid-2Q); OUT for rest of game (right ankle; via D. Burke: ESPN)

LINE: 5 pts (9 min., left game in 1H: right ankle)


--Marcus Morris • getting shots up early (2 1Q triples); taking adv. of mismatches - 10 pts (1H); relatively easy buckets; faceup J (early 4Q); strong home debut

LINE: 18 pts (24 min.)


--Aron Baynes • making mark on o-boards, keeping plays alive (early 1Q); active in lane, decent finishing ability - 10 pts (1H); LIGHT: tough and-1 finish! (early 3Q); lefty tip slam! (3Q); very strong game in place of A. Horford - career-high 21 pts (curtain call!)


Aron Baynes

Star UnderDOG of the Night: 21, 8 boards, 3 dimes




Marcus Smart • check-in (mid-1Q); nice feed to S. Ojeleye (early 2Q); LIGHT: monster block on L. Ball (late 2Q); making nice reads, hitting bigs off screens - 3 dimes (1H); started 3Q for J. Tatum (right ankle); rough start to 3Q, taking tough shots; defending L. Ball (3Q); elbow trey (mid 4Q); hustle plays! - dove on floor & recovered 50/50 ball (mid 4Q); turned down triple, solid read to A. Baynes (draw foul); finished w/ 9, 6 & 4 boards


Terry Rozier III • check-in (late 1Q); step back 3 (late 1Q); making plays, digging in defensively - 8 pts (1H); LIGHT: size up, soft finger roll (mid-2Q); check-in (mid 3Q); off-balance floater (early 4Q); great minutes, took advantage of extended action (27 min.); finished w/ 14 pts & 8 boards 


Semi Ojeleye check-in (mid 1Q); LIGHT: reverse and-1 (early 2Q); getting (semi!) uncontested looks at basket, resulting in FTs; aggressive going to cup, mixed results (2H); finished w/ 4 pts & 4 boards


Daniel Theis check-in (mid 1Q); short banker from K. Irving feed (mid-1Q); charging foul (late 1Q); putback dunk (late 1Q); swat on K. Kuzma’s spinning layup (early 2Q); fake, driving dunk from 3-pt. line (late 3Q); 3 blks, 5 fls (mid 4Q); finished w/ 8 pts, 5 boards & 3 blocks


Shane Larkin • check-in (early 4Q); drew charge on J. Hart (early 4Q); missed floater & pull-up 3 (early 4Q); 5 min. 

Abdel Nader • DNP • Guerschon Yabusele • DNP • Jabari Bird • DNP

Kadeem Allen • DNP • Al Horford • OUT (concussion)

Gordon Hayward • OUT (leg)







-up 33-16 after 1

-up 61-52 after 2

-48 boards • 20 dimes v. 13 TOs




-D. Theis = rare, 3&B (threes & blocks) guy down the road?; great activity, doesn’t “play like rook”; Defensive Player of Year in his German league last yr. (M. Breen: ESPN, early 2Q)

-young players buying into roles (S. Ojeleye, T. Rozier, etc.) - very important, seem to know what they need to provide each night

-got whatever they wanted at rim - LAL's interior didn't limit second-chance opps, contest well at rim

-T. Rozier = Star UnderDOG? 

-scrappy boarding from Rozier, Irving & Smart - TOUGH guards

-size = difference-maker?; A. Baynes & D. Theis are kept balls alive, drew fouls, converted on interior by staying active

-CT lineup: Irving-Smart-Brown-Ojeleye-Baynes

-all-around effort, overcame poor shooting night - 10 straight Ws!


• rookies italicized


11/8 @ BOS • L, 107-96

LAL (5-6)

Clockwise: Kuz-Ball-Lopez-Randle-Clarkson-Ingram



--Lonzo Ballbooed on initial touches (1Q) - M. Jackson notes L. Ball’s reluctance to go anywhere but LA during draft process; struggling to get offense going (early 1Q); elbow triple (early 2Q); floater (mid-2Q); found KCP for corner triple (late 2Q); 2/7 shooting, 5 pts & 2 dimes (1H); LIGHT: block, board, lookahead for K. Kuzma dunk (early 3Q); reverse lefty layup (early 3Q); lefty finish (mid 4Q); track down block on K. Irving - 4 blks (late 4Q); rough shooting night (4/15 shooting), aggression = much better, attacked rim (2H)

LINE: 9 pts, 6 dimes & 5 boards


--Kentavious Caldwell-Pope • pull-up triple +1 (mid-2Q); corner triple (2Q); pull-up banker (8:18, 3Q); midrange damage; took tough shots down stretch; decent night overall

LINE: 12 pts, 3 boards & 3 dimes


--Brandon Ingram6 early points (2/2 shooting, 1 trip to foul line); strong coming off curls; fading pull-up (late 2Q); OOP layup (from J. Randle, late 2Q); 11 pts (1H); LIGHT: leaning and-1 J (early 3Q); strong take (early 3Q); put back dunk (down 8, late 4Q); solid night overall

LINE: 18 pts, 7 boards & 2 steals


--Kyle Kuzma quiet start but came on late 2Q (2 solid drives, 1 hop step drive); 2/6 shooting (1H); leak out dunk via L. Ball (early 3Q); picked up 4th foul (early 3Q); escape pull-up (mid 4Q); OK night (by his standards) - didn't find consistent rhythm in terms of flow & shot selection

LINE: 10 pts, 6 boards (34 min.)


--Brook Lopez2/6 shooting, 4 pts (1H); finding O - driving hook (3Q); 0/4 from downtown; needs paint touches at outset of games - LAL needs to better job of establishing its size before opening up B. Lopez downtown; sat late (4Q)

LINE: 10 pts (5/11 shooting), 4 boards (17 min.)




Julius Randle • aggressive but out of rhythm early; rip up, flush (mid-2Q), cut lead to 11; nice dime to B. Ingram (late 1Q); sparked strong 1H after rocky start: 10, 7 & 2 dimes; 3 1H fouls; first big off pine (2H); driving hard on interior - mixed success but set tone w/ rock in hands; working hard on glass; and-1 opp off “side PnR” w/ J. Clarkson (2H); confident outing - spark plug off bench

LINE: 16 pts & 12 boards (21 min.)


Jordan Clarkson • check-in (mid 1Q); driving w/o much success (1Q); 7 pts (1H); spot up triple (3Q), contorted finish (3Q); leaning banker (late 3Q); fouled on triple (early 4Q); getting buckets (early 4Q); consistent source of O - needs more work on late game execution 

LINE: 18 pts, 5 boards, 2 dimes (27 min.)


Corey Brewer • check-in (mid-1Q); transition and-1 (late 1Q); good energy but off the mark


Andrew Bogut • check-in (mid 1Q); 2 quick fouls (1Q); 1st action since Oct. 31


Josh Hartcheck-in (late 1Q); check-in (late 3Q); missed triple (late 3Q): 2 TOs (early 4Q); 11 min. 

Tyler Ennis (DNP) • Ivica Zubac (DNP) • Luol Deng (DNP) • Vander Blue (DNP) 

Alex Caruso (G League) • Thomas Bryant (G League)

Larry Nance Jr. • OUT (broken hand)







-10 TOs (1Q)

-down by as much as 21 (1H)

-down 61-52 after 2

-down 87-81 after 3

-44% shooting overall

-48 boards • 16 dimes v. 21 TOs




-BOS’s defensive pressure creating difficult looks

-J. Randle needs more PT! - small ball 5 suiting him well, switching better off screens; out of rhythm early but found buckets towards end of 1H, strong on glass all night

-B. Ingram & K. Kuzma should own boards (at some point) in the near future

-fighting hard: theme of season

-J. Clarkson: improved patience

-L. Ball getting inside paint pretty easily, decent finishing  

-rough possessions down stretch - quick shots; will need to learn “how to” finish games/get good shots

-CT lineup: Ball-Clarkson-KCP-Ingram-Kuzma


• rookies italicized



DD = double-double

CT = crunch-time

1H = 1st half

2H = 2nd half 

1Q = 1st quarter • 2Q = 2nd quarter

3Q = 3rd quarter • 4Q = 4th quarter

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