Game Notes • Zach LaVine v. DAL (3/2)

Z. LaVine v. DAL (3/2)

Tracking...GM. 1 of 5 (3/2-3/11) • Z. LaVine v. DAL


  • Looking for teammates early, hit C. Felicio off curls twice, didn’t convert (early 1Q)

  • Hit D. Nwaba on cut down middle, missed floater (early 1Q)

Slow start for Bulls, down 4-14 (7:30, 1Q)

  • Solid side to side D on W. Matthews, stayed in front (early 1Q)

  • Lost ball of PnR handle, TO (mid-1Q)

  • Open court, tomahawk flush (5:20, 1Q)

  • Missed deep elbow 3 (mid-1Q)

Check-out: 3:29 (1Q)

Check-in: 9:04 (2Q)

  • Couple passes deflected (mid 2Q)
  • Hit post-up fadeaway (7:02, 2Q)
  • Hard drive off elbow pnr, +1 (4:48, 2Q)

  • Drive off elbow, draw foul (hit 2/2 FTs)

Making point to attack the rim; playing better on-ball defense 

  • Mismatch fadeaway over Y. Ferrell, missed (late 2Q)

Open court steal, D. Nwaba TO (late 2Q)


9 pts (3/7), 2 boards, 1 dime at halftime


  • Assist to K. Dunn triple (early 3Q)

Check-Out: 6:06 (3Q)

Check-In: 2:36 (3Q)

Settled for difficult looks (missed triple, got jumper blocked, missed jumper), scoreless in the 3rd)

  • Hit step back 3 (early 4Q)
  • (Next play) Hard drive off pnr, cuff finish (early 4Q)

Check out: 8:43 (4Q)

Check-In: 5:06 (4Q)

  • Dime to D. Nwaba - driving dunk (mid 4Q)
  • Post entry to B. Portis Mismatch floater (late 4Q)
  • Post entry to B. Portis score v. D. Powell (late 4Q)
  • PnR Pass to L. Marrkanen for 3 (late 4Q)
  • Midrange pull-up (CT!, CHI up 108-100)
  • CHI wins 108-100


Z. LaVine: 16 PTS (6/14), 6! DIMES, 2 BOARDS, 2 TOs


• LaVine wasn't very aggressive scoring the rock but made a point to play solid team defense + find open teammates - recognized mismatches, found both B. Portis & L. Markkanen for key buckets late

• Still finding rhythm as an attacker, discovering balance between playmaker & scorer

• Rebounding & off-ball defense need improvement, though on-ball coverage is better than expected